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The Reason To Remember
Skrevet til minneseremoni i Ravensbrück av Rachel, 10.klasse

Before the war, their lives was great, 
little did they know what would become of their fate.

A wealthy woman that worked hard every day,
but sadly for her, Hitler had something else to say.

They took her belongings, clothes and her house,
put her in chains and treated her like a mouse.
They worked her hard, every day
– but she didn’t have anything to say.

Many more than her did they take,
they said they did it for the nations sake.

This woman I speak of, of course she died.
She was too weak, and to scared to hide.

Thousands like her died as well, and that’s what we call
an experience from hell.

So, dear reader: You have to remember,
cause if you don’t, you may be captured next December.

What reason is there really to fight?
This is our chance, to make things right.

Don’t rush it, people – let’s take a break.
Take a moment for humanity’s sake.

And then I ask you, what nation would you make?
What is the meaning?
To give, or to take?

Emneord: ungdomsskole, litteratur, klasseur, dikt, ravensbrück


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